Scholarship recipients - 2013

Thanks to everyone who applied for an AMP Scholarship in 2013 - we've been blown away by the incredible things Kiwis are up to around the globe, and we are incredible humbled to meet this year's recipients. 

Earlier this year, we announced our People's Choice Scholarship and AMP Regional Scholarship recipients. And now, without further ado...we're proud to announce the recipients for the AMP National, AMP Study Start and AMP People Scholarships.

AMP National Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our amazing National Scholarship recipients. We're very proud and honored to help another talented group of Kiwis in 2013, as they achieve even greater things!

  • Suzanne

    Suzanne Cowan

    My thing is Contemporary dance for people with disabilities.

    "To be a leader in dance for people with disabilities and create dance works that re-envision what it..."

    See Suzanne 's story

  • Lewis

    Lewis Hawkins

    My thing is Scrabble..scrabble....scrabble...scrabble!

    "I would like to win the under 10 year old section at the World Youth Scrabble tournament in Dubai la..."

    See Lewis's story

  • Claire

    Claire Davies

    My thing is To enable blind people to echolocate using ultrasound.

    "My device lets blind people avoid obstacles by hearing things around them. It uses ultrasound so no ..."

    See Claire 's story

  • Lizzie

    Lizzie Stevenson

    My thing is is trampolining, a sport in which it is impossible to be unhappy!

    "To win a medal for New Zealand at the World Age Group Trampoline Championships. I want to inspire ki..."

    See Lizzie's story

  • Cameron

    Cameron Kilgour

    My thing is Simplifying blood glucose management for New Zealand diabetics.

    "To create DiaManage, a mobile application with a New Zealand food database to allow simpler more con..."

    See Cameron's story

  • Teneale

    Teneale Hatton

    My thing is Sprint Canoeing and Ocean Ski Racing

    "I want to become a World leader in Sprint Canoeing & Ocean ski racing by pushing my limits everyday ..."

    See Teneale's story

  • Vance

    Vance Mcphee

    My thing is To develop a Food Box Service to fight poverty in New Zealand.

    "To provide the right tools, nutritional info and culinary development for individuals to successfull..."

    See Vance's story

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte Walker

    My thing is making babies at Oxford University

    "is to complete a Masters in Clinical Embryology at Oxford University and become one of New Zealand's..."

    See Charlotte's story

  • Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Watts

    My thing is I want to represent NZ & win the World Junior Squash Champs in 2018.

    "To do this I need to gain overseas experience. I can be the best in NZ, But to be the best player in..."

    See Kaitlyn 's story

  • Scottie

    Scottie Reeve

    My thing is I'd like to change youth unemployment in NZ through social enterprise

    "An inner-city Cafe which transforms the lives of 20 teenagers each year by giving them their first ..."

    See Scottie's story

  • Sarosh

    Sarosh Mulla

    My thing is Creating free environmental education spaces with local communities.

    "To build an innovative environmental education & research space at the Longbush Ecosanctuary for sch..."

    See Sarosh's story

  • Chris

    Chris Fortune

    My thing is To inspire and motivate kids to cook for themselves.

    "To build another mobile kitchen that is to be used in NZ Schools on our Kids Can Cook Kitchen progra..."

    See Chris 's story

  • Lucy-Mary

    Lucy-Mary Mulholland

    My thing is Arts therapy work in the field of youth mental health

    "I'd like to train with top arts therapists in the USA to bring back to New Zealand new skills and kn..."

    See Lucy-Mary's story

AMP Study Start Scholarship recipient

Well done to our AMP Study Start Scholarship recipient, Finn Mahon, who's thing is designing and building artificial limbs and implants for amputees.

  • Finn

    Finn Mahon

    My thing is I want to design and build artificial limbs and implants for amputees

    "My goal is to enable amputees to not be restricted by their prosthesis, allowing them to take part i..."

    See Finn's story

AMP People Scholarship recipient

We like to recognise our inspiring AMP People all over New Zealand who do great things too. Meet Scott Ellis, who's thing is quality meat!

  • Scott

    Scott Ellis

    My thing is Quality Meat!

    "To invest in a joint venture with my best mate to deliver butcher quality meat to private households..."

    See Scott 's story

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